2014 15th World Conference on Youth held in Sri Lanka

The 15th World Conference on Youth was held in Sri Lanka, in May 2014. Following the theme, "Mainstreaming Youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda", the conference attracted over 1,500 participants from the world over. Half of the participants were youth, aged 18-29, and included 300 youth from marginalized backgrounds. The objective of the conference was to promote the participation of youth in reviewing the Millennium Development Goals and helping to shape the Post-2015 Development Agenda by sharing their experiences and innovative ideas.

The conclusion of the conference led to the Colombo Declaration on Youth, which presented recommendations on 14 subjects. It included Development with Youth Leadership, Elimination of Poverty, Equal Access to Quality Education, Full Employment and Entrepreneurship, Gender Equality, Ending Systemic Inequalities, Youth Rights and Inclusive Youth Participation. Following the event, all those who participated were asked to work in partnership with other stakeholders to promote the implementation of the recommendations laid out in the Colombo Declaration on Youth. As part of the Colombo Declaration on Youth, Sri Lanka proposed to have a Youth Skills Day which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2014.

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15th World Conference on Youth held in Sri Lanka

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