2007 Humanitarian Assistance

The United Nations provides humanitarian assistance to those affected by conflict and natural disaster. During the recent conflict in Sri Lanka, the United Nations worked in partnership with the Government to provide material and logistical support to communities in the North and East of the country. For people displaced from their land, this typically included temporary shelter, food, water, sanitation, and basic health and education services.

During the final stages of the conflict, in May 2009, Menik Farm was established and the United Nations supported the Government to provide emergency assistance for the 300,000 internally displaced persons living in the camp. Since the end of the conflict, the United Nations has worked alongside the Government to support a dignified return process. As displaced people return to their land, support has been provided to help them resettle and gradually start rebuilding their lives and return to normalcy.

Alongside shelter and basic needs, families have received assistance to initiate their livelihoods and construct permanent housing, and critical community infrastructure such as markets and roads have been rebuilt. The United Nations has also worked closely with the Government to support rapid response to natural disasters across the country, including the tsunami, floods and landslides.

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