President's Message

This year, 2015, Sri Lanka joins the world community in celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. For the people of Sri Lanka, this occasion is of special significance. Having reaffirmed our faith at the Presidential election in January 2015, in democratic principles which have guided our nation for long years, Sri Lanka marks the 60th anniversary of its membership in the UN by renewing our engagement and reaffirming our commitment to the UN Charter.

United Nations Secretary - General's message

The 70th anniversary of the United Nations is an opportunity to highlight its many and enduring achievements -- and to strengthen our collective resolve to do more to promote peace and security, sustainable development and human rights. This year marks the adoption of an ambitious and transformational global development agenda that aims to eradicate poverty, reduce inequality, promote peaceful and inclusive societies and preserve our planet.

Prime Minister's message

As the UN marks its 70th anniversary this year, its membership must take stock of the achievements of the organization and deliberate meaningfully on collective approaches to adopt, to meet current and emerging challenges. Sri Lanka takes pride in her 60 year partnership with the United Nations and remains committed to cooperate with the UN and contribute to its work in all fields.

Minister of Foreign Affairs' Message

Through our 60 year journey with the UN, Sri Lanka has contributed to the UN system in many ways. Several Sri Lankans have held important professional positions in the UN including as Under-Secretaries-General. Just 5 years after joining the UN in 1955 Sri Lanka, then Ceylon, had the distinction of serving in the UN Security Council. Having held the Presidency of the General Assembly and chaired several international conferences, Sri Lanka’s contribution to the UN’s norm setting process has been significant.

Former United Nations Resident Coordinator's Message

Looking back at Sri Lanka’s 60 year partnership with the United Nations, it is clear that Sri Lanka has served as an important model for other countries in terms of demonstrating the importance of policies such as free-education and free-health, and the importance of people, noting the swearing-in of the first Executive female Prime Minister in the world. The contribution to the UN system by Sri Lankan people, for the people of Sri Lanka, and the world, is indeed noteworthy.