2015 Sri Lanka’s progress on the Millennium Development Goals

As a propeller of social change, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have motivated nations to improve their standards of living and work towards achieving sustainable growth and development. Sri Lanka has obtained a number of results which it can be proud of in accordance with the MDGs, and indeed stands far ahead of some of its neighbours. Sri Lanka has more than halved its poverty rate, achieved universal primary education, reduced child mortality and improved maternal health. However, further improvements remain to be made in the areas of promoting gender equality and empowering women, and ensuring environmental stability. Additionally, there are regional disparities and inequalities across socio-economic groups that require attention. Overall, Sri Lanka’s strong performance against the MDGs can be attributed to a long tradition of investment in education, health and poverty alleviation programmes. The United Nations continues to work closely with the Government in promoting sustainable growth and development.

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Sri Lanka’s progress on the Millennium Development Goals


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