Former United Nations Resident Coordinator's Message

Subinay Nandy

Former United Nations Resident Coordinator in Sri Lanka

Looking back at Sri Lanka’s 60 year partnership with the United Nations, it is clear that Sri Lanka has served as an important model for other countries in terms of demonstrating the importance of policies such as free-education and free-health, and the importance of people, noting the swearing-in of the first Executive female Prime Minister in the world. The contribution to the UN system by Sri Lankan people, for the people of Sri Lanka, and the world, is indeed noteworthy.

Building on this solid 60 year foundation between Sri Lanka and the United Nations, and between Sri Lanka and the international community, we welcome the promise of a renewed and strengthened partnership as we mark the 70th anniversary of the UN and 60th year of Sri Lanka’s membership in the UN system: the year when Sri Lanka starts a fresh journey to fulfill aspirations of being a vibrant, peaceful and an inclusive democratic society.