1987 UNHCR in Sri Lanka

In 1987, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was invited by the Government of Sri Lanka to facilitate large scale repatriation of Sri Lankan refugees from India under the Indian Sri Lankan peace agreement. To date, UNHCR works with the Government in resolving issues and finding durable solutions for refugees; returning Sri Lankan refugees; stateless persons and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

Together with UNHCR, Sri Lanka has made great strides in reintegrating IDP returnees and is often cited as one of the best examples in the region in resolving long-standing situation of statelessness through legal and policy reforms. UNHCR at present carries out multi-faceted activities to support the Government in its efforts to resolve protracted displacement and promote durable solutions for all UNHCR persons of concern.

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UNHCR in Sri Lanka


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