2012 United Nations Support for Post-Conflict Development

Since the end of the conflict, the United Nations has been working closely with communities and national partners to promote
sustainable development and long lasting peace. Interventions have spanned the economic, social and environmental sectors and have included for example, promoting quality education in disadvantaged communities; providing opportunities for youth to develop skills and access employment opportunities; helping communities to rebuild their homes and essential infrastructure facilities; working with local government partners to introduce environmentally friendly waste management systems; and supporting the justice sector with the translation and consolidation of core pieces of legislation.

The United Nations has also supported a number of programmes aimed at specifically addressing challenges faced by women. Noting the economic vulnerability often faced by female heads of household, for example, the United Nations has provided support to access finance or skills training with a view to establishing sustainable livelihoods. Similarly, in response to increasing incidents of gender based violence, the United Nations has worked with partners including hospitals, the police, legal aid providers and NGOs to strengthen response and protection systems. Additionally, with one of the lowest rates of female political participation in the world, the UN has worked to promote greater participation of women in Sri Lankan politics.

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United Nations Support for Post-Conflict Development


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