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“My Sri Lanka, My Future”: Art Competition for Young People

Posted on: 07 / 08 / 2013

Download the poster in English: My Sri Lanka, My Future: Art Competition for Young People (English): Deadline Oct 7

Download the poster in Sinhala: My Sri Lanka, My Future: Art Competition for Young People (Sinhala)

Download the poster in Tamil: My Sri Lanka, My Future: Art Competition for Young People (Tamil)

*Deadline: 7th October 2013

The United Nations (UN) works together with Sri Lanka to help the country achieve its development objectives, so that we can all enjoy better living conditions. Our work is prioritized within the four themes below:
• An economically prosperous tomorrow with opportunities for all
• Better living conditions and basic services for everyone
• Fair, inclusive and inter-connected futures
• Greener environments for safer living
The United Nations also believes in channelling the power of young people to promote positive change and development. This year the UN invites you to express your aspirations for Sri Lanka’s future, through art, selecting one of the above mentioned themes.

All young people are encouraged to take part under ONE of the categories mentioned below:
• Age 10-16: Junior – Paper Art
• Age 17-29: Senior – Paper Art
• Age 17-29: Senior – Digital (Vector) Art

• The top three in each category will receive awards and opportunities to enhance their creative aspirations
• The 30 most inspiring works of art will be displayed at the UN Day and other UN events, exhibitions and on publications
• Shortlisted candidates will receive certificates

Paper Art
• Be on A2 size paper (23.4×16.5 inches)
• Have a border of 4 cm on all four sides
• Not be unframed
Participants are encouraged to use any technique, medium and layout.
Digital Art
• Be 800x550px
• Be in EPS and Jpeg formats
• Have a file size of less than 3MB
• Not include photographs

• Register post your art to:
“My Sri Lanka, My Future” Art Competition,
United Nations Office,
No. 202-204 Bauddhaloka Mawatha,
Colombo 7
to reach us on or before 30th September 2013. You can also email your digital art
to: or send it on a CD to the above address.
• Please include your name, selected theme and contact details with your submission.
• For further information please call us on 011-2580691 ext: 274 from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm or visit

• All entries must be original and the work of the artist. Youth below 18 years of age must have their work certified by the Principal or an authorized official.
• Only one entry allowed per participant.
• Participants should be within the stipulated age group by 30th September 2013.
• All entries become the property of the UN in Sri Lanka, who reserves the right to publish or otherwise display the art as deemed appropriate.
• Submissions will be evaluated by an expert panel of judges according to their effectiveness, originality and creativity.
• Short listed candidates/finalists may be required to prove the authenticity of their work.
• Late entries will not be accepted.