Peacebuilding Fund in Sri Lanka

Peacebuilding Fund in Sri Lanka

Nearly three decades of conflict in Sri Lanka came to an end in 2009. As part of the UN’s commitment to support the peacebuilding process, the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) began extending support to Sri Lanka in 2015. The PBF was established by the UN Secretary General in October 2006, following a request from the General Assembly and the Security Council. With the primary aim of preventing a relapse into violent conflict, the PBF is currently providing fast, flexible and relevant funding to over 20 countries.

In June 2015 Sri Lanka began accessing the Immediate Response Facility of the PBF (see further details below) and in September 2016 the Government of Sri Lanka and the UN finalized the Peacebuilding Priority Plan (PPP) in consultation with civil society and development partners. The three year plan will serve to guide support to peacebuilding in Sri Lanka, promoting coordination and coherence amongst partners.

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09 / 23 / 2019

Apocalyptic climate events: is this the future we are promising the next generation?

Climate change is progressing exponentially faster than our efforts to address it. It is a challenge that no country can opt out of addressing. If we don’t act now, when we ask the next generation to dream – it is going to be with a fine print that reads of limited possibilities in a world of crisis. That would be our collective legacy.

09 / 18 / 2019

Remarks by UN Resident Coordinator Hanaa Singer at the launch of the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) supported programme for prison officers

As a result of the training, prison officers will have the necessary skillset to disrupt organised crime networks operating from inside the prisons and effectively prevent and manage high-risk prisoners. The training will facilitate the early detection and disruption of radicalisation, as well as provide a secure and safe environment where rehabilitation programmes and disengagement interventions can be delivered. Specific attention will be paid to ensure prison management is in conformity with international minimum standards and human rights.

09 / 17 / 2019

‘The Potential Role of Young Leaders and Volunteers in Preventing Violent Extremism in Sri Lanka’ and the launch of the ‘Youth Peace Panel’.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Sri Lanka marked International Day of Peace with the launch of the key findings of a study on ‘The Potential Role of Young Leaders and Volunteers in Preventing Violent Extremism in Sri Lanka’ and the launch of the ‘Youth Peace Panel’ – delivered in partnership with United Nations Volunteers (UNV) Sri Lanka and Chrysalis, and supported by United Nations Peacebuilding.