About UN in Sri Lanka

The United Nations began its work in Sri Lanka in 1952. Three years later, on 14 December 1955, Sri Lanka was admitted as a member state of the UN.

For more than sixty years, the UN, in partnership with the government and people of Sri Lanka, continues to work to ensure that all Sri Lankan people enjoy better living conditions. Collectively and through its 23 specialised agencies, funds, programmes and offices in Sri Lanka, the UN addresses the needs and creates opportunities for the poor, the most vulnerable and the young.

The UN has cultivated broad and wide ranging partnerships – with the Government, civil society, the broad NGO community, bilateral donors, and international financial institutions – to address a multitude of challenges, both in long term development, and during times of emergency.

Moving forward, the UN strives to support the Government of Sri Lanka to achieve sustainable and inclusive economic growth, with equitable access to quality social services, strengthened human capabilities and reconciliation for long-lasting peace.

UN Resident Coordinator in Sri Lanka

Sustainable Development Goals are not merely a buzz word in these changing times, it is reminder of what our priorities should be. They are a collective agenda for all of us, and achieving them is about our collective future, our planet’s future. There is no alternative or postponing it for a later day. We must act on it together, and act on it now

Ms. Hanaa Singer-Hamdy, UN Resident Coordinator 

UN Agencies

The United Nations Family in Sri Lanka consists of 22 agencies, funds, programmes, and offices.